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Looking for Rentals?

Are you in need of assistance?

Russell Peres Property Management is partial to all of their tenants. We know that without a satisfied tenant there would be no Russell Peres Property Management Company. Tenants are how we make a living in fact, tenants are so important to us we make our motto:


   "Where respect and honor meet both tenant and owner"

Since we entered into the property management business over 15 years ago we have received dozens of positive comments from tenants who have moved out of town or purchased their own home. Recently a prospective tenant called looking for a rental and when asked why they called us their reply was "All of my friends have rented from you and say you are the best landlord they have ever had."

When another ex-tenant called us and they were moving back to Great Falls we asked them "Why did you call us back?". Their response was "You are the only landlord I have ever had who actually fixed things and when I moved out you gave me back my deposit."

These are the comments we believe you will say about Russell Peres Property Management should you choose to consider us a future landlord. We look forward to serving our tenants making their rental unit as pleasing to live in as possible.


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