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Looking for Tenants?


   We understand that you are busy and we offer a couple different options to help you. Tired of managing your property? We will do that for you. Want to manage your own property but would like us to find you a good, reliable tenant? We can do that! Give us a call and we can discuss your options. In addition to this please understand Russell Peres Property Management Company is different than any other in Great Falls, and is designed to put more money in your pocket than your normal property manager would give you. If interested please read the article below entitled “Owners of Rental Property”


“Owners of Rental Property”


   Owners of rental property have a special place in the heart of Russell Peres Property Management. Without owner’s property we would not have property to rent to our tenants. That is why we made our motto  “WHERE RESPECT AND HONOR MEET BOTH TENANT AND OWNER”   When we started our business over 15 years ago we decided to do things differently from other property management companies to actually make it better and more cost effective for the owner and easier and safer for the tenant to rent a clean safe place to live.  As we carried out this philosophy what we found out as RPPM property owners talked with other Great Falls property owners they told them RPPM did a better job with their money, their maintenance and finding long term tenants.  Currently RPPM contracts with 30 property owners of which 80% of them came to RPPM as a referral from another satisfied property owner RPPM contracts with. How RPPM does business differently does make a difference to owners.


Listed below are how RPPM differs from other property management companies:

  1. Our  rent collection – Most property owners get their rent money at the end of the month minus fees and commissions.  RPPM owners receive all their collected rent on the 2nd of each month, no waiting!  All money is collected by check or money order in the owner’s name on the first of each month and deposited directly into the owners account the next day.  This leaves no opportunities for embezzlement, no hidden fees or extra charges. You get all your money right away!  RPPM simply sends you a bill and you pay us as you would any vendor.

  2. Our maintenance – Most property management companies  handle your maintenance and charge you a fee for doing so.  RPPM has no fee for handling your maintenance and if the owner wants to do it themselves we support you in your decision. If owner chooses to have RPPM handle the repair issue we have tried and tested licensed vendors who will fix or repair at your instruction.  For no fee RPPM will do all contacts, set repair time up with tenant and when all is completed the business vendor will bill the owner directly for the work done.  That way owner has all paperwork for taxes and a better control on repair costs.

  3. Our attaining of tenant – Property management companies vary in how they find tenants. RPPM has developed a tried and true system we do not deviate from that has produced long term tenants who pay on time and provide good treatment of the rental properly.  We do not vary from our rental procedure and would rather leave your property empty than put a tenant that does not pay timely rent or has a potential to harm the property. Our ability to find good long terms tenants has been one of RPPM’s biggest assets in gaining new business through referrals of our satisfied property owners.

  4. Our reputation – We believe the greatest downfall to property managers is the reputation they get from how tenants and other property owners talk about them after doing business with them. RPPM is proud of how we do business and makes available to any property owner or tenant contact information to verify the quality, respect and honor we give both our owners and tenants for tenant placement or tenant or owner satisfaction.


    We believe we are a place where “respect and honor meet both tenant and owner”


   If you are a new property owner or use an existing property management company but are looking for something with a cut above, we would love to talk with you.  Feel free to contact the owner Roy at 406.231.3311 or stop by at 720 9th Street South here in Great Falls.


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